Genetic Research

/Genetic Research

UKUTULA Conservation Center (UCC)

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Conservation - Education - Research - Bio-Bank

Reproductive Research

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Scientific reproductive mammal research by professional, accredited scientists and veterinarians.

UCC Bio-Bank

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Long-term genetic management strategies for captive bred predators and the Preservation of healthy & strong genetic pool for future generations. More Information CLICK to view more: * About the UCC * Research Publications * Other Projects

Cheetah Conservation & Research Project

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World -class cheetah expert, Alan Strachan, has been the man in charge of the UKUTULA Cheetah Conservation & Research Project.

Spotted Hyaena Project

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Spotted hyaena Crocutta crocutta - Hyaena Conservation and Research at UCC

UCC Cheetah Clinic


Brand new Cheetah Clinic at UKUTULA will be operational towards 2nd half of 2016