Lion Waterhole Experience

Lion Waterhole Experience

Experience Africa’s lions in their natural environment. Observe their behaviour and interaction with each other as well as with the natural environment.
Our experienced and trained guides will accompany and inform you during the Lion Viewing Tour (“Lion Waterhole Experience”) to the brand new Lion Bush Deck and Dam in the natural African bush.
You will be allowed excellent viewing and photographic opportunities of the lions from the open wooden bush deck – but you will not be allowed to touch the lions at any stage. Expect an unforgettable wildlife experience in the African bush!

Monday – Sunday @ 08:00 or @ 16:00

R950 per adult (minimum height 1.5 metres)

  • No children under 12 years allowed.
  • Included: Tea, coffee & light refreshments, walk to the new Lion bush deck and dam in the natural bush from where you will be able to view/observe our young lions in their natural environment.
  • Fantastic photographic opportunities.

A Unique & Unforgettable Experience!

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WHY Guided Lion Viewing Tours:

Our guided Lions Viewing Tour is focused on providing our visitors with professional and unique wildlife information as well as proving an enriching opportunity to observe our animals up close in their natural environment and as part of our animals’ enrichment program where our animals are allowed to freely experience new objects, odors, sounds, and experiences, also with other wildlife.

Since we believe that we as humans are inseparably linked to all other living creatures on this planet – EVERY HUMAN BEING MUST be allowed to connect with wildlife, to learn, and to enjoy any wildlife species under controlled and ethical conditions. The joy and wonderful experience of observing wildlife (or any other living creature) at close range in their natural habitat are privileged that MUST NOT be reserved for only a chosen few individuals.

At Ukutula we believe that through personal and close up observation of wildlife, combined with professional and exciting wildlife education, people will remain connected with nature and wildlife, realize the importance of rich biodiversity, respect all life, care more, and be more pro-active in conserving all other living creatures on this beautiful planet. Thus, ensuring the survival of wildlife species TODAY and for generations to come!

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