Ukutula Conservation Center (UCC)

Ukutula Conservation Center (UCC)

The new Ukutula Conservation Center is a world-class research and Conservation facility, specializing in Genetic Mammal Research and Predator Conservation. The UCC also includes a state-of-the-art and first-of-its-kind, Genetic Bio-Bank. The UCC is managed and operated by a group of highly qualified, skilled, and experienced professionals, dedicated to wildlife conservation and the preservation of Bio- and Genetic Diversity. All animal procedures at UCC are conducted with full veterinarian support and assistance, treating ALL animals with respect, dignity & compassion.
Research and conservation projects at the UCC are managed by the UCC and its research partners and associates on a highly sustainable basis to ensure the long-term conservation and scientific research contribution by the UCC.

WHY a Conservation and Research Center

Globally ALL large mammal numbers have decreased at a shocking rate over the last 200 years (90 – 98%) – mainly due to direct and indirect destructive human actions!
In fact, lion populations throughout much of Africa are heading towards extinction more rapidly than previously thought, decreasing from 1,2 million (1800) to less than 25 000 (2016). As an apex African predator, this drastic decline in lion numbers highlights a much wider global conservation crisis … read more

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Ukutula Lodge & Game Reserve, South Africa

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